Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

suitcase full of forks

Checking the Mail (in springtime)
Winter Color
Cuba Gallery: Water / droplets / rain drops / window / background / texture / photography
Cuba Gallery: Two chairs - Grass hill - Cool clouds & sky background
Cuba Gallery: Cinematic / rain / landscape / umbrella / beautiful / lightroom preset / rose vogue / romantic / water / love
A: This song always depresses me. it brings back such sad memories.. you know what i mean? i've never heard another song that depresses me the way this one does. Play it again,will you?
B: ????? 0_0'


Puput Nopitasari hat gesagt…

nice song n beautiful pictures!!!!!!! :)

Puput Nopitasari hat gesagt…

btw what is the title of this song? would you mind telling me where i can download it? :p

putri ayuningtyas hat gesagt…

@Puput: Thank youu ^^.Probably the simplest way to get MP3s out of YouTube and other internet video sites is by using a web application to do it for you.

There's plenty about but the one that seems to give the best results is DVDVideoSoft Free Studio. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the video clip you're looking at into the obvious field at the top of the site. You don't even need to tick the box that binds you to agreeing to the copyright laws if you don't wish to. It seems to work all the same.

Dyah hat gesagt…

what a sad song T.T. where can i download it put?

Puput Nopitasari hat gesagt…

I see. Thaaaank you :p

inge luciana hat gesagt…

congrats for the giveaway. I never win any giveaway before.
and answering your question in my blog : the highest heels that I can wear is 12 cms. as long as there is high platform too, it doesn't matter :)
thanks for comment in my blog, that means a lot

putri ayuningtyas hat gesagt…

@inge luciana: thank you and ur welcome. i also have 12 cm heels. it hurts alot. i prefer to wear wedge style shoes rather than stilettos.