Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

Little women

little women book
Currently i like reading an old book ''little women'', is a novel by Louisa May Alcott. it was published in 1868. and i like sitting on the floor between two library shelves filled with books while reading it. Nobody will disturb you. I should say that i'm still a new comer in the world of old books.
Little Women
Whenever i read, the start of the journey is always opening the book and breathing deeply. Newly printed books certainly smell different from older ones. the ink is so crisp. there are the scents of different bindings


Puput Nopitasari hat gesagt…

I like reading old books too :p
Ehm....Little Women? sounds like a great book :)

NINDAAA hat gesagt…

waaah kayak apa ya.. btw put udah aku pasang ya awardnya

putri ayuningtyas hat gesagt…

@nindya: Makasih ninda :)

@Puput: waw, what is the best old book you've ever read?

Puput Nopitasari hat gesagt…

Scarlet Letter by Hawthrone Nathaniel, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twin.
Ah there are so many great classical books I haven't read yet. :p

putri ayuningtyas hat gesagt…

@puput : Dang! all of those books are great! and also pride and prejudice has been put into film version numerous times.

dunia kecil indi hat gesagt…

waw, nice. i love book's! tapi gak pernah baca buku tua (paling tua ya buku anak2 dari thn 80an, lol). sesekali kayanya OK juga nih aku hunting buku lama. oya, salam kenal. kunjungi blog'ku sesekali ya :)

putri ayuningtyas hat gesagt…

@dunia kecil indi: 80an tua termasuk tua juga kok, ngga papa buku anak2 yang penting buku tua :). btw, apa judulnya? salam kenal juga :D