Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

Studio Ghibli Goodies

kyaaaa i really want this! gue suka karya Hayao Miyazaki. dan pengen punya salah satu boneka nyaaa. ''It's so fluffy, i'm gonna die!!''
My neighbour Totoro!
2. Howl's moving castle, Howl is so handsome and charming wtf.
Howl's Moving Castle terrarium
Anybody want to give me one of this dolls, i will definitely give you my address so you can send to me.. lol

So, tell me


jacobian hat gesagt…

it's better to have spongebob squarepants dolls. :-P

Aishi Lely hat gesagt…

lucunya put....^^ mau dong bonekanya juga hehehe