Montag, 15. November 2010

When Five Fell

Selamat hari idul adha bagi yang merayakan. Mama, Papa, adik-adik ku, nenek, kakek aku sayang kalian. This post i dedicate to my lovely family, although they don't know that i have a blog hahahhaha!.. whatever lah!

Diwali - Festival Of Lights

Quotation of the day: Begin with small step. dont let others stand in your way. walk your own path. some may laugh. 

I'm a Happy Camper

so what! many will follow. Dont ever give up. If you never failed, you've never lived.

Cuba Gallery: Italy / Amalfi Coast / summer / ocean / house / water / sea / sky / clouds / horizon / flowers / photography

Lastly, i wanted to share with you this completely awesome video . This is such a beautiful video, its so deep, miraculous..

  When Five Fell from Wesley Chan on Vimeo.


ali.avenue hat gesagt…

lovely blog :)

Zahra N Damayanti hat gesagt…

hi.. are you currently living in deutschland? nice to know you... can we exchange link?

putri ayuningtyas hat gesagt…

@zahra: yes, nice to know you too :)

@all.avenue: dankee :)