Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009

Review: BB cream, Korean Cosmetic

Friday, 11 December 2009

i surf Internet every day. I've found a lot of things about korea. many comments said that korean have flawless skin because of one Product called BB Cream (Blemish Balm Cream). I have a problem with blemishes and tone of my skin. that's why i am very excited with this product.

BB Cream covered up your skin perfectly, reducing the blemishes,whitening your skin. i searched on the Internet. every article i read. hahahaha... im addicted i know

the best Brand that i founded is L'egere. i bought on . you can click on the right side bar of my Blog. Bobodave located in Hongkong. The shipping didn't take a long time (2 weeks).

The L'egere claims to be a "sun protect + make up," "base + skin cover + foundations for 24 hrs," and have "multi herbal extracts" to maintain "skin White, Transparent, Moisture and Elastic."The description on the back reads:

"White Multi BB Cream acts effectively on irritated skin, concealing dermal blemishes and helps skin rejuvenation with innovative active ingredients. Blocking the penetration of UV rays and other harmful factors. This silicon-based formula defines a natural, long-lasting complexion, with gentle calming effects of natural, plant-derived soothing particles not only on oily and sensitive skin, but also on irritated skin following peel care."

It is good for: "Skin that needs protection, irritated skin by peeling and laser procedures, sensitive and troubled skin."

i recommend this product for people who has fair skin. it looks like you wearing a mask if the tone not suit to you.

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